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For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them - Matthew 18:20
A Miracle of Healing & Sustaining Grace by Bob Watson (14 August 2007)
A Miracle of Healing & Sustaining Grace.

The name Sarah means Princess. First mentioned in the Bible as the wife of Abraham. The story of his faith & heroism would not have happened without his Sarah.

My wife’s full name is Sarah Phyllis. My daughter-in-law’s first name is also Sarah. Both much loved and very important to me. As you will discover, in reading this, both have been completely devoted and dedicated to the work of God. Both faced with life threatening illness. Both widely and constantly prayed for. Prayer has been answered. Not in the same way for each but in God’s way by His Grace and for His Glory. I hope their story will be a help and blessing to you.

My daughter in law Sarah is a qualified mid wife and very active in the work of the Lord.
In February of this year (2007) following a check-up, after a tummy upset, we were all shocked and shaken when she was diagnosed as having cancer in the area of the pancreas and liver.

At 39 years of age with 3 lovely girls to mother, a life dedicated to helping others, teaching the Bible in schools, and active in her local church. This was a hard blow to take. We cast ourselves on the Lord for sustaining grace & strength. There was an immediate overwhelming, wonderful response from the Lord’s people, not only from within our immediate circle but, throughout the Country & farther a-field. Individuals and leaders of churches, some of whom had never met Sarah or Rob, wrote to assure them and us that they were bearing them up in prayer before the Lord.

After various preliminary tests Sarah underwent surgery on May 16th 2007 to remove the tumours. Much prayer was with her throughout that day. We gathered as a family in their home that evening around 9 pm to hear the results from Robert. Struggling with emotion, he told us that the Consultant had been in touch with him and had said “Your wife is Cured!!!” The tumours were benign! We cheered, laughed, cried, hugged and gave thanks to our wonderful God.

Sharing this story with a friend recently her response sums it all up. Just one word “Wow!” Wow, indeed! A wonderful answer from a wonderful God.

The other Sarah is my wife Phyllis. This year we will celebrate 58 years of married life, over 50 of them spent in the Lord’s service. She has been my faithful companion and unfailing helper through all those years. Together in Bible College followed by additional studies in preparation for foreign missionary work. Together in missionary service in South America. Bearing and bringing up our 3 children .

Travelling together as a family to Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and setting up home in Mato Grosso, Brazil’s then rough interior. Sometimes staying alone with the children when I was away visiting pioneer farming communities. Sometimes travelling with me to those same places. Staying on the farms, meeting and making friends with the families there. Sometimes travelling long distances over rough & dangerous roads the five of us crowded as passengers into the cabin of a truck or on the back with the cargo.

Together we shared a great disappointment in not being able to return to Brazil for health reasons. Together we responded to the call to ministry in the homelands. Moved house several times, took on the responsibilities, challenges & problems of local church work, and shared the joy of seeing souls trusting Christ for salvation, & many blessed in other ways. We thank God for the wonderful privilege it all has been.

The years have taken their toll. Over five & a half years ago Phyllis became ill with dementia which ultimately meant full time nursing home care. Last year she was also diagnosed as having breast cancer. These have been tough years but the same Lord who did such a wonderful thing for the younger Sarah is the same God who is giving Phyllis and me sustaining Grace and Peace at this time.

Whatever your circumstances may be, you can share and face them with the Lord. He is still the God of miracles. His touch has still it’s ancient power. He may not always answer as you would like but, always remember, you must bow to His sovereign & perfect will. Then, as in the case of the great apostle Paul, if He chooses not to remove the painful thorn you can still count on His sustaining and sufficient Grace (2Corinthians 12:.7-10)

The Lord Bless you and meet your need.
Bob Watson

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